Attract butterflies to your garden with butterfly bushes

butterfly bush from Goodman's Farm Market in Niagara Falls
Photo by Goodman’s Farm Market

Butterfly bushes have so much going for them. The flowers are beautiful and fragrant. The plant is deer resistant. And butterfly bushes attract butterflies and other pollinators to your garden.

“At home, we see hummingbirds and bees around our butterfly bushes,” said Ray Crawley, store manager at Goodman’s Farm Market.

Goodman’s carries several varieties from Proven Winners.

If you want a shrub that is a little smaller, try ‘InSpired’. It gets only four to six feet tall. The flowers are larger than on other varieties. Goodman’s has it in pink and violet.

‘Miss Ruby’ has flowers that are more fuchsia and ‘Miss Molly’ has sangria red flowers.

Stop in to Goodman’s today for plants for your garden as well as homegrown produce for your table.



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